2 March 2022

Presentation of the Mobile Forensic Platform in the Police Academy in Piła

23 February 2022

Presentation of Mobile Forensic Platform at the Border Guard Training Center in Kętrzyn

20 January 2022

WZŁ-1 S.A. has the first accredited Laboratory testing the resistance of military equipment to electromagnetic pulse in Poland

24 December 2021

Christmas Wishes

17 December 2021

WZŁ-1 S.A. and German manufacturer SMAG have signed contracts for the delivery of higly mobile antenna masts.

29 November 2021

WZŁ-1 S.A. with a new contract for satellite communication by PKWs (Polish Military Contingents)

27 September 2021

Training for users of the PKKs Field Cryptographic Office

20 September 2021

Positive assessment of WZŁ-1 S.A. in the project MPK for the needs of the Police

14 September 2021

WZŁ-1 S.A.’s Test Lab with a new contract