Medium Satellite Terminal STS

Medium-sized, portable and  transportable satellite terminal - STS in the military version equipped with 2.4 m FlayAway antenna system (optionally 1,8 m), has been designed to provide  multi-band satellite communications at the tactical and operational level.

Basic parameters of the terminal:

  • high mobility, light weight and ease of transportation
  • the antenna with the base has been made entirely of carbon fibre
  • operation in 4 frequency bands: C, X, Ku, Ka,different network topologies:
  • star topology;
  • mesh topology
  • point-to-point connection
  • automatic or manual antenna positioning, and optionally – satellite tracking
  • resistance to climatic and transportation conditions, according to military requirements
  • SSPA amplifiers for each band used to integrate signals from and control STS modules
  • signal distribution module - MDS
  • IP switch, optionally - router
  • satellite parameters fully compliant with STANAG 4484 and 4486,as well as with MIL-STD 188-164A
  • possibility to installup to 3 satellite modems, according to the User's choice
  • in the basic version - 3 transportable casestotal weight < 200 kg (version with 2.4m antenna), < 170 kg (version with 1.8m antenna)
  • start-up time without using any tools: up to 20 min.


Compact antenna system for STS terminal, easy to be deployed and folded in any conditions. The antenna dish, base and cases are made of carbon fibre. Automatic pointing (optionally – the tracking) guarantees a very quick and effective search of selected satellite. Common wave guide track for four bands. Easy mounting of amplifiers, radiators and LNBs. Identical elements of the dish ensure an easy repair. The antenna has certificates allowing for operation with Eutelsat and Intelsat satellites (C, Ku-bands) as well as with Skynet and XTAR (X-band).