TS - 1,6 Satellite Terminal

Satellite Terminal - TS-1,6 is designed to implement satellite communications on standby within the system organized and planned by the user. The terminal's basic function is to provide longlines satellite communication based on TDMA technology in star and mesh topology networks,  and using FDMA technique within the framework of point-to-point communication connection between two nodes or endpoints. The Terminal is compatible (ready to cooperate) with satellite terminals implemented in Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland.  The Terminal may be adjusted to work in  X-band satellite communication through replacement of necessary elements.

The terminal has interfaces:

  • E1 for FDMA modem;
  • Ethernet 100Base-Fx - for TDMA modem and management.

The terminal's components have been manufactured for:

  • external installation of TS-1,6 antenna assembly, mounted e.g. to the roof of the container or trailer;
  • internal installation - Assembly of Satellite Units (ZUS), mounted within the final product, e.g. within the shelter which includes the terminal.