WZŁ No. 1 successfully completed Phase I of the Contract for Up-grade of Mobile Digital Communications-Transmission Shelters RWŁC 10/T

WZŁ No. 1 S.A. in consortium with Transbit Sp. z o.o. have successfully delivered Phase I of the contract for an up-grade of RWŁC 10/T. The purpose of the contract is to adapt 58 such shelters to requirements of the modern battlefield. Last week we completed Phase I of the contract which included the up-grade and delivery of 42 shelters for the Polish Army. In addition, 42 crews were trained as part of the ongoing contract. The training, divided into theoretical and practical parts, was held on our premises and ended with examination of the soldiers.

As a reminder, on 30 Nov. 2022 WZŁ No. 1 S.A. in consortium with Transbit Sp. z o.o. signed a contract with the Polish Armament Agency (MoD) for the "supply and integration of new equipment for RWŁC-10/T". The contract includes an up-grade of the shelters with the latest technical solutions, including modifications to their ICT system, relays, cabling and power system, as well as an improvements of the work space for the crew. According to the time schedule, the consortium is to complete the contract by 2024.