Mobile Communications Center for WISŁA - phase I

Mobile Communications Center is a state-of-the-art digital communication center th at enables cooperation with Polish Armed Forces’ and NATO’s fixed-line as well as field systems up to and including the SECRET clause. It constitutes an interface between the IBCS and national command systems. Developed as part of the first phase of the Polish Armed Forces' program to acquire WISLA Medium Range Air and Missile Defense Sets.

Portable And Transportable Satellite Terminal PPTS-1,8 v.2

Portable And Transportable Satellite Terminal PPTS-1,8 v.2 – is designed to provide multi-band connectivity at the operational and tactical levels.

Mobile Registry RKT

Mobile Registry RKT has been adjusted to fulfill functions of a highly mobile registry as an element of a command post (SD) of all command levels and has been designed for storing, making available and transporting the classified information up to "TOP SECRET" security classification level.

The Mobile Satellite Terminal - MTS-4,6

The Mobile Satellite Terminal - MTS-4,6 enables to start up networks of satellite communication in  TDMA or SCPC system (also as the main station - hub) and be connected with the existing telecommunications infrastructure both military as well as civilian.

Mobile Digital Communication Node RWŁC-10/T

The Mobile Digital Communication Node in transmission version – RWŁC-10/T, is a mobile telecommunication centre integrating in itself stream and packet switching networks.

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Wojskowe Zakłady Łączności No. 1 S.A.

During its activity, as the main integrator and supplier, the company implemented programs of the Ministry of National Defense in the field of production and modernization of mobile field communication systems as well as programs of Telekomunikacja Polska, mobile digital communication systems.

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29 September 2023

Award granted to the Project Team by the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology (PW) for Mobile Forensic Platform

25 September 2023

New communications systems presented to soldiers from CSŁiI (Communications and IT Training Center)

8 September 2023

Prestigious Defender Award for WISŁA Mobile Communications Center, MCC1

6 September 2023

WZŁ No. 1 S.A. with the Offset for WISŁA Phase 2

6 September 2023

WZŁ No. 1 S.A. with contracts for NAREW

5 September 2023

WZŁ No. 1 S.A. a trusted partner in a new project concerning satellite communications system for the Polish Armed Forces

28 August 2023

WZŁ No. 1 S.A. in Poland PATRIOT/WISŁA Program Phase 2

18 July 2023

Another key agreement in the AŁC-T project

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The measuring equipment and highly qualified staff allow us to offer measurements in the laboratory and at the customer's. The laboratory also provides consulting services and assistance in developing test programs.