Mobile Communication Center MCC1

Mobile Communications Centers are our End Products comprised of Jelcz truck, type P112.57, a lattice mast and ICT systems contained in a compact dedicated ICT shelter, and in the vehicle cabin with seats for operators. They guarantee high quality and reliability of voice and data transmission by automatic compensation for changes in the signal propagation. They are characterized by very good self-sufficiency in terms of power supply (supply of electricity from the vehicle, System-On-Module, a redundant diesel gen set) and maximum automation of operations (including i.a. automated deployment of the mast, ICT equipment integrated in SMiKO environment).

 The architecture of MCC1’s communications systems allows them to be used as access points to other wired and wireless communications networks, creating point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, full-mesh connections with full range of access interface types.

 MCC1 ensures compatibility with communications equipment currently used by the Polish Armed Forces, such as RWŁC, relays R450, R460 in Band III and IV. It also enables connections with communications equipment used by the NATO and allied countries.

 Five-axle chassis of the vehicle allows MCC1 to negotiate various terrain types. The certified armor of the cabin provides safety for the crew.

Current production of MCC1 by WZŁ Nr 1 S.A. is done for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces in the area of Air and Missile Defense, as well as Command and Military Communications.