Mobile Field Cryptographic Unit (PKKs)

Mobile Field Cryptographic Unit (PKKs) is deployed for the receipt, registration, storage and distribution of classified/sensitive data in a secured space in the field, supplied with power and ICT infrastructure.


PKKs has been designed as a shelter (891 P. container) mounted on a Jelcz 442.32 chassis, in compliance with DBBT 301C recommendations and with the Guidelines on the establishment of cryptographic units, issued by the Military Counterintelligence Service (SKW). PKKs has got three safes for storage of classified documents up to the ”Secret” level. The unit has been equipped with alarm and security devices to prevent unauthorized access. The heating and air-conditioning system provides comfortable work conditions inside the shelter for two staff members. In the case of long-term deployment in one location, PKKs may be equipped with an external heating system, operated automatically 24/7, and operated from the outside (with no need to enter the shelter). The wiring system enables connection to the analogue telephone network through two MWL PS5 linear input modules, and to the Ethernet network through two CTOS  fiber units and one MWLRJ45 linear input module. To supply power to PKKs, a single-phase power source of 230V AC is required. The maximum power consumption by PKKs does not exceed 7kW.