Portable And Transportable Satellite Terminal PPTS-1,8 v.2

Portable and transportable satellite terminal (PPTS-1,8) has been designed to ensure a multi-band communication at the operational and tactical level. It operates in three frequency ranges:  C, X and Ku and the network topologies: star, mesh and point-to-point connections. It enables a start-up of satellite communication network in TDMA or SCPC. It fulfils fully satellite parameters defined in the NATO standardized documents (STANAG 4484 and 4486) and MIL-STD 188-164A. The terminal has been manufactured in military version and equipped with FlyAway antenna set 1,8m (v.1) or 2,4m (v.2).  Moreover, additional elements of equipment used in satellite set include: IP router and switch-multiplexer ŁK-24, the emergency power supply system – power generator set (diesel) 4 kW and UPS unit.