Mobile Digital Communication Node RWŁC-10/T

The Mobile Digital Communication Node in transmission version – RWŁC-10/T, is a mobile telecommunication centre integrating in itself stream and packet switching networks.  In the basic version, the node is equipped with three HCLOS radiolines of transfer rate up to 34Mb/s operating in Band III+ (1,35 ÷ 2,69 GHz). It makes possible to establish radio connections at the distance up to 50 km. The interfaces allow to connect the shelter to any existing communication node both by digital trunks and packet links. Based on RWŁC-10/T it is possible to deploy integrated information networks of a command post, providing at the same time a full portfolio of network services. The server installed on board of the communication cabin is adjusted to the requirements of applications that are used within the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland.

Equipping RWŁC-10/T with a set of power generating aggregates, as well as the installation of the equipment inside the electromagnetically tight container (2m x 2m x 3m) assures a very high mobility of the equipment and high adaptability to any environmental conditions, what has been proved while using this type shelters at all military missions undertaken by the Polish Armed Forces. Additional advantage of the product is its easy adaptation to individual requirements of a user, from the point of view of functionality, scalability and commutation potential on cable side as well as on radio side. It is fitted for wheeled transport  as well as for transportation by rail, air and sea.